Friday 3 February 2023



Oh, Depeche Mode. 

For what seems like the last ten years, the online Depeche fanbase has been going crackers. Murals have been under 24 hour Black Swarm surveillance, posters have been given scrutiny usually reserved only for documents of historical import, lyrics have been imagined, tracklistings dreamt up and, frankly, many people have lost their minds all because the band's social media channels have had a countdown running, leading to 5pm UK time today.

5PM duly arrived and.....

....the band took to Instagram to announce that the new single, Ghosts Again, will be available on 9th February at 5pm UK time.

So that was that. It is of course great news that Depeche Mode are back and we are all looking forward to seeing them live again and hearing what Memento Mori has to offer, but this was a bit of an anti- climax really. 

Much has been written in the last week by people who suggest they know what they're talking about and today's announcement has shown that they really knew nothing at all. The fact is that there is now only 6 days until we hear new Depeche Mode music and that is no bad thing.

At least we know something now then. Bring on the new single. 

And welcome back Depeche Mode.

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