Tuesday 1 September 2015


Today, views of the blog have passed 100,000. For something that started as a way for me to inflict my views on Depeche Mode's back catalogue on people other than my friends and my long suffering wife, the blog has grown into something I'm hugely proud of and something that I love. 100,000 views may not be a big thing for most blogs, but for me it's huge

I couldn't done any of this without any of you readers, so thank you very much. Thanks also to fellow blogs like Scottish Fiction, XS Noize, Podcart, Goldflake Paint and many more for inspiration and for sharing my stuff. I should say thank you to Depeche Mode themselves as they basically started this - give me a bell Martin. As well as them though, thanks to all the artists who have sent me music, granted me interviews and produced such great tunes - without you all this would only be the rantings of a seemingly deranged DM fan.

Finally, thanks to Pam x

We may as well end this on an appropriate note - have some ridiculously good music

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