Monday 14 September 2015


Hot on the heels of Dave & Soulsavers' tour, Andy Fletcher is hitting the road with a series of DJ slots around Europe. Andy promises "a new and dynamic set" which he'll hopefully bring to the UK at some point.

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Fletch's DJ dates are celebratory affairs - little surprise given that Andy the most affable, fan facing member of Depeche Mode. Many people overlook Andy's role in the band and it deserves recognition that without him in the background, especially during the band's darker years, we probably wouldn't have the band as a going concern today. Let's face it, Andy has the job all us DM fans want - the band's biggest fan playing in the best band there is. No-one should have anything other than respect for Fletch.

Anyway, the DJ dates are:

October 3 - Stereo Plaza, Kiev
October 22 - Viennale International Film Festival, Viennna
October 23 - Ringlokschuppen, Bielefeld
October 31 - Warehouse Club, Rome
November 7 - KB3 Club, Copenhagen
November 27 - Taubchenthal, Leipzig

All ticket details here

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