Tuesday 15 September 2015


Depeche Mode's 2005 album Playing The Angel was the first one the band released when internet piracy was prevalent. 2001's Exciter might have attracted some attention piracy wise, but it was nowhere near as easy to get your hands on early leaks in 2001 as it was in 2005. Mindful of the risks of exposing the dark beauty of Playing The Angel too early, advance watermarked cd's were sent out to reviewers, pluggers and so on of an album called Dark Force by a mysterious band called Black Swarm. Some of these cds contained the 12 tracks we know as Playing The Angel but others contain a different beast altogether.

The other cds still say the album is Dark Force  by Black Swarm, but the tracklisting is:

1. Aggravated Condition
2. Sturm Und Drang
3. Maximum Sufferance
4. The Crucifixion Of The Sinners
5. The Night of The Damaged
6. Darkness At Zethanon
7. The Final Temptation Of Lucretia
8. Bloodied Soul, Crushed By The Monlith 
9. Sweet Blackness Of Night
10. Annihilation Of The Innocent
11. Pain And Suffering In Various Tempos
12. Final Redemption: Battle The Dark Forces

As you'll see, titles more suited to a Norwegian death metal band. I imagine that if you were a reviewer who liked that kind of music, hearing Precious instead of The Night Of The Damaged  or Macro instead of Darkness At Zethanon may have tipped you over the edge.

I'd love to know who chose the song titles...

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