Monday 14 September 2015


Full details have been released of Martin Gore's new e.p. MG E.P.

It will be released on 9 October on double 12" and features five tracks including two new ones. The tracklisting is:

A: Europa Hymn (Andy Scott Remix)
B1: Brink (Virgil Enzinger Vinyl Edit)
B2: Pinking (Christoffer Berg Remix)
C: De Nada
D: Gifting

The e.p. can be pre-ordered from Mute here

Now, you might remember from a previous piece on here (click) that Martin was running a competition for fans to submit a remix of Featherlight for inclusion on this release. As the keen eyed among you will see, there's no such remix on the double vinyl set. The winning remix by Mantra Of Machines might end up available digitally but there's no word on that yet. Have a listen to it below. On his Facebook page, Martin said that the task of choosing the winner had left him "on the verge of madness" - hopefully that means he had fun. 

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