Sunday 6 September 2015


As you'll know from a recent post here, The Insomniac Project recently released their debut single, the superb In And Out (Of  My Head) and on Friday they played a lunch gig at Nice 'N' Sleazy, a gig that was quite superb. It was my first experience of the band live and it won't be my last - they have to be among one of the most exciting live bands in Glasgow at the moment.

The Insomniac Project live 4/9/15 - Photo courtesy of TV Eye Photography

The support act Our Future Glory kicked off the evening brilliantly with a set filled with superb indie electro tracks which impressed everyone around me and me too of course. More to come of them on here very soon. By the time The Insomniac Project came on stage, the room was full and the whole crowd was instantly into their dancefloor filling set. From the off they were on superb form with the LCD Soundsystem goes pop genius of Vacillation setting the tone for the gig. Songs that we familiar from their demo releases like Parallells and Breakaway were particular highlights, sounding more muscular and frankly, even funkier that their recorded versions. The band display a rare degree of confidence for a group at the stage they find themselves at and rightly so - the whole thing was hugely impressive and utterly, irrepressibly joyful. By the time the gig ended on In And Out (Of My Head  the whole room was grooving around in many and varied ways and there was no-one there who wouldn't have been delighted if The Insomniac Project played the whole gig again.

Ultimately, the most impressive thing about this gig was the sense you had that you were watching something very special indeed. The Insomniac Project may be in their early stages, but they have already worked out how to transfer the energy of their recorded tracks to the live stage and, surely, they are bound to attract larger and larger audiences and sooner rather than later. They are a band that you have to see live and I'd recommend you do that the next chance you get

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