Thursday 22 February 2018


Alan Lines returns to reviewing duties following his Vancouver review from October. He's certainly managed to catch a good number of gigs on this tour. His latest one was Riga on 20 February and here is his review. As you'll see, the crowd in the seated part of the arena were subdued to say the least, but Alan made the most of it. Thank you very much for another great review Alan and thanks to Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group for letting me use pictures again.

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group
Hello fellow Devotees! I’m writing this on our way by coach to Vilnius after another great night of modeness in the beautiful town of Riga. This is our ninth concert of the tour and my second review.

We arrived in town on Sunday and the build up was really good, lots of DM fans in town and we had a lot of fun in the DM bar too. There appeared to be a good showing from the UK, Germany and especially next door Lithuania. I have to say up front we were a little concerned after the 2014 concert here that the atmosphere would not be good but we had front row seats in a good sector. Our days of getting to the venue at 5 and queuing are long gone, we just love to get reasonably good seats and immerse ourselves in the whole night. So after a few beers in the DM bar we headed off to the venue arriving at 8.15 to find ourselves sat among some very sombre looking people. No matter my black nail varnish and feather man hat will liven them up. Water aid advert tension builds. Luckily none of my workmates will read this because by this time I always have goose bumps!!!

Mr Black Feather Hat and Black Nail Varnish Man aka Alan

8.45 prompt and the Beatles intro kicks us off.  (I’ve even got goose bumps writing this!). The first couple of tracks whizzed by and were well received by the standing audience. I’m no music critic but at this point I realised what a totally professional band DM are. Aside from the hardcore standing, they were getting nothing back from the rest of the arena and still Dave in particular worked his magic, encouraging the crowd at every opportunity. Barrel Of A Gun was a highlight -  I just love that ending. Fanzone started to get really good from that poiunt but from where we were just can’t say anything more than the band were spot on until things moved to the next level with Cover Me.

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group

"WILL YA?" -  YEEEEESSS. Dave looking good on the catwalk. Was it me or was Birthday boy Peter spending a little more time up front today? Felt like his sound was turned down a little today so less booming and I particularly enjoyed Christian’s drumming. Martin time, as my kids would say he was "totes amaze." I, however, would say mesmerising and very much appreciated by the crowd. A little go at a sing along and then a deafening roar from the crowd when Dave introduced the group one by one. In Your Room and I’m singing at the top of my voice (hang on said my, wife youve been doing that all night!) Martin's vocals during In Your Room.... oh those goose bumps again. Where's The Revolution wasn’t recognised by many at the start but Dave soon got everyone going.

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group
Everything Counts -  sorry purists but who doesn’t love that new intro. Finally I explode and jump up and start dancing but am firmly put back down on my seat (as in 2014).  Martin now bouncing around a fair bit and good hands from Fletch as the concert powers on to the Never Let Me Down Again finale. Lots of hands and as the band walks off, the roof nearly comes off!

Encore, nice rendition of I Want You Now and then the classic Walking In My Shoes. I can now take no more and join a small group standing in the aisle for a maximum effort A Question Of Time from Dave and a rousing Personal Jesus from all the group. And then finally at last, a happy birthday sing a long for Peter and much waving to the crowd from the group, particularly from Andy as they leave the stage. 

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group
As always still on a high after the concert when we meet up for a post match beer with our good friends Marius and Vaiva who came over from Vilnius. Sorry everyone if this reads badly or seems over critical. I’m writing this on the coach relying on David’s spell checking and sitting at a DM concert in Riga really is a different experience.


Thanks Alan

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  1. If it makes you feel any better about being stuck in the seats Alan we were standing about 2/3rds back and my wife couldn't see a damn thing - We ended up wishing we'd been in a bank. Riga is a cool place though. I agree that meeting fans and seeing the DM bar were fun. I'm pretty certain we met you outside - Marcus "Wolves scarf":)