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To review the second of Depeche Mode's three February Polish dates, we welcome Katarzyna Kaluza from Lodz in Poland. It seems that Depeche very generously agreed to tour Poland to celebrate Katarzyna's birthday which was nice of them. As we'll see, Katarzyna went to all three Polish shows and had what can only be described as a wonderful time. Thank you for the great review Katarzyna and for the superb photos too.

I had the pleasure of celebrating my 36th birthday at the three DM concerts in Poland. First in the south in Krakow, then in my hometown Lodz and finally in Gdansk by the sea, in northern Poland. It was another return of the boys from Basildon, to the heart of my country and Europe, that is my native Lodz. They always come back, even though Lodz is not a very attractive city, and the maximum number of concerts can reach only 14,000 people (the arena is too small). However, something attracts them here. 

My prayers were answered and the anticipated moment came. Krakow said good bye to the band and the Spirit plane flew to Lodz Lublinek. 8 February in Poland is Fat Thursday. We eat donuts and other greasy sweets to fall, and later fast to Easter. At the airport, the group was greeted with donuts. Satisfied, they took a snack with them and went to the hotel. I resigned from standing outside the hotel because I do not collect anything special. I love concerts and live music, I've been waiting for that. I saw them all privately and even touched in Krakow (Martin is amazing ...). I will give the autographed cd with the signature of Peter to someone. I have enough memories and for me the most important is that I can pack my DM bag and move into their world at any moment.

9th February. The "hour zero"! The frost outside is not able to stop the fans on the way to the concert. Because I'm short, I had to put on 10cm heels and stay in them for a few hours. Black total look, -8°C and skirt. I thought i'll die...

Polish black souls went to the next arena for a black mass. Again, I had a great view, a little taller, I was standing directly opposite the place occupied by Martin. The church of the followers of the weird religion slowly filled up. Either you love this band from the beginning and you accept everything they offer or you do not understand this subculture and avoid a wide arc. In Poland, Depeche Mode is a subculture, the only one in the world, the big family of "Blacks". Depeche Mode is our unofficial religion.

The lights went out and Douglas McCarthy from BlackLine entered the stage. The earlier Nitzer Ebb project, as well as the current one, are not well known in Europe. The concert in Lodz made me like it. Douglas attracts attention, especially his "cat movements." Depeche Mode definitely has a huge impact on other artists, two guiding characteristic music motifs of DM to hear in what presented The Black Line. A moment of break, stage preparation and the most desirable work. Everyone would like to at least wash the floor that Dave walks on and watch them live for free every two days.

After Hublot's " message" about the revolution in charity, the moment of reflection and resounding Intro from The Beatles. A few thousand sore throats are caused by Depeche Mode! The boys turn up on the stage: God of the written word Martin, Andy, Peter and Christian. The howling of the crowd and enthusiasm reach the roof! The hottest 55 year old in the world appears. Guy in a blue blazer and silver shoes. Ladies and gentlemen, the only and unique King Dave Gahan!

Going Backwards and coluors. I love video projections for every song. "Jackson Pollock" interacts with Depeche Mode. For some, Corbijn's visions may be nonsense, for me they are fantastic. The crowd is crazy from the first note! We sing every song with Gahan and Martin. It's No Good one of my beloved songs. Ecstasy! Ultra drills ears and vibrates in the body. Gahan moves like a snake. Satisfied with the audience says: Good evening Lodz!

Barrel of A Gun flies and Gangsta Gahan raps. He is beautiful in these shows, he loves to be adored by fans. If you want to see several thousand Dave clones, come to a concert in Poland. You will not be disappointed. We have handsome Depeschians stylized perfectly. Skins, chains, we like it. A Pain That I'm Used To and i'm dying .... Genius pieces one by one. Peter joins Martin and gives a show on the guitars. I love rock music. Martin brilliantly riffs. Oh I love such a pain in my ears. All my Useless advice, all my hanging around ... It's getting sad and nostalgic, we're playing with the angel in Precious now. Dave, relaxed and smiling, just pretty this evening, shows us "The world in »his« eyes". A cult piece, a palm gesture that is the hallmark of Depechians in the world and the perverse Dave teasing a woman. Of course, everyone screams - Yes !!! - hearing Will Ya? !!! Wonderful Cover Me. Gahan deserves a musical Oscar for this gem. A song that is special to me, whenever I hear it, I think about only one person who has been in an important place in my life for a year now. I did not even imagine that a man I accidentally met would become so close to me I know, I know, I'm overly dramatic and a Drama Queen, but Dave also behaves sometimes like Diva, so it matches together. Every idol got his own twin fan!

The scene is empty and a wonderful child, Martin Lee also called God, appears. Gorgeous, modest, talented .... The face of  a Cherub, golden curls and a voice like a bell. Insight and Home. The crowd does not want to let Martin off the stage. A long audience applause, Dave dances and introduces friends. Martin jumps up and the smile does not come off his face. This is a soul dance ... and fire still burns, you've got to give love, give love ... we love Martin with all our hearts!

Dave asks in Polish: - Jak tam Łódź? ( How is Łódź?)
- Ingeniously !!!! sounds the answer. 

Depeche Mode plays on our feelings. In Your Room where time stands your room where souls plays like a movie of my life, before my eyes. I am strongly associated with this song, it has always been with me and will remain so. My favourite.

Dave is dancing his solo. I love to look at him when he moves. It is a balm for the soul and honey for the eyes. The DM army begins Where's The Revolution. Clenched fists up, and finally a sign of peace and Polish Solidarity (Solidarność). Poles know perfectly well what revolution means. Clash of extremes, from revolution and rebellion, we jump in  talking about "Tons of money", cause Everything Counts in large amounts. What is happening in the arena is difficult to describe. Conductor Dave directs the crowd and all this madness. Everyone wants to see him Stripped down to the boooooneee! But he, our travelling King, letting us Enjoy The Silence. He takes us on a ride with a friend. 

Next - this is the moment! The part of the program we are always waiting for. A few thousand throats shouting: " Never let me down again"! several thousand hands up under Major Gahan's dictation and full departure. Exhausted and wonderfully sweaty, Dave disappears, and the heated crowd soothes Martin. Surprise! I Want You Now, and it gets very romantic. We want him all now, cause we got a love ... Enchanted we try to "Walking in »their« shoes". But it's only A Question of Time for Personal Jesus to unleash the madness and musical orgy in the arena again.

With a few thousand voices and sweaty bodies, I do not want to say goodbye. They squeezed all the juices and all the energy out of us. On the knees, but we want a spank from Gahan again and again. Unfortunately, only Fletch gets a slap in the butt. 

Our happy band say goodbye to us. They played a fantastic concert, from the first to the last minute, 100% from DM for fans and vice versa. Polish fans are faithful and love Depeche Mode. We have our Code of Depeschians and we live according to rules.

Dave hugs Martin. See you next time ....

I have no strength, I'm reaching home and I'm falling on the bed. I lie and the tears of joy are in my eyes. A morning mobilization and  I move to Gdansk for the next meeting with DM. How do I live later, after all of this? 

Thank you Robert R. you inspire me to gain new experiences, this review is dedicated to you.


Thanks you Katarzyna.

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