Tuesday 20 February 2018


Happily for the majority of Depeche fans, there have only been two cancellations on this tour - Tampa on September 13 and Minsk on July 17, both 2017. For those attending those gigs though, the cancellations were bad, bad news. Nastia Enavigo was one such fan. She was all set to go to the Minsk show last July and was ready to review it afterwards for this blog. It wasn't to be sadly, but, proving that all good things come to those who wait, Minsk was rescheduled and Nastia was able to attend. Happily for me, she was also able to review it and here it is. I think we can all agree with her views on overuse of cameras at these shows. Anyway, thank you very much Nastia, and thank you Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group for the pictures. 

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group

I would like to start this review with thanking David for coming up with this ambitious idea of reviewing every single performance of the tour and having enough persistence and passion to bring it about. I came across his request on Facebook to review the Minsk show quite by chance, it sounded bold and at that moment didn’t fully realize what I was saying yes to. 

When I started reading your reviews, guys, I was blown away with all the adoration and devotion they are filled with. So personal and touching that I couldn’t hold back my tears. It felt like I was there with you living through every song and every chant and every emotion. So, thank you! 


My history as a DM fan is very short. I heard their greatest hits like Personal Jesus and Enjoy the Silence since childhood, I liked them a lot, but never cared enough to search further than what was already on the radio. My own admiration of their music began only a few years ago when I heard a mesmerizing melody on a soundtrack to some movie that stopped my aimless channel surfing. Then came Dave’s voice (it couldn’t be mistaken for anybody else’s) deep and strong and tantalizing…. I was hooked. As I found out later the song was The Love Thieves

And after 2 years of anticipation…. and then after 7 more months of anticipation…. a few days ago my dream came true and I could hear and see them in Minsk.

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group
Rising action 

Minsk, July 17. I arrived to the venue when the sun was still high but my number in the line was only 125. I thought that I almost had no chance to get I good place near the stage or even by the cat walk, but tried to stay positive. It’s a Depeche Mode show after all!! There’s almost nothing that can spoil it! 

4 or 5 hours that I was waiting there passed really fast. I was very excited to hear them again and it was cool to talk to people around about the concerts they’d been to, favourite songs and most memorable moments. At some point I overheard somebody talking about returning the tickets…. “What?? Are they crazy? Are they SO tired of waiting that they can’t wait for another two hours??”… but the topic persisted in the crowd and it occurred to me that something might be wrong. 

A few moments later a harsh loud-speaker grated on our ears with an official announcement. My heart sank. 


Minsk, February 13. I had the bad luck of catching a cold only two days before the show. I took care of taking all the possible medicines to feel better by Tuesday, but the stars were not on my side. I was devastated but determined to attend the show. I couldn’t miss it. Not again. 

So, boosted with pills and sprays, armed with extra layers of clothes off I set. There was no pretension to arrive early of course, I made my peace with standing anywhere in the fan zone and arrived shortly before the band appeared. 

A nice but monotonous piece of electronic music was on. People were all excited and impatient. Anybody who appeared on stage at that time was greeted with applause and whistling – they were working to make the show start, of course they deserved the applause!) 

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group

Depeche Mode’s performance in Minsk left nothing wanting. The guys are true professionals, extremely talented musicians, very inspired performers who love what they are doing and it shows in every song. 

After so many reviews you have probably learned by heart both the set list and what happens on stage, so I’ll only dwell on the things that impressed me. 

I really loved the beginning of the show: lights off, the intro and the marching boots growing to immense size just like your itch to see the Fantastic Five walking on stage and to hear the first cords of one of the best songs on the album. I totally agree with people who say that Going Backwards is a great opener, decisive and groovy guitar line sets you in the mood immediately. 

It’s No Good and Useless being among my favourites were a pleasant surprise for me. Although I was sorry to see (at least from my position) that they weren’t that well received by the crowd.

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group

Cover Me was listened to with flash lights on and in almost total silence but you couldn’t lament it. The song is absolutely marvelous and Dave performs it in the most meaningful and intimate way as if he’s really talking to you. All you want to do is to give in to the sound and dissolve into it. 

The most impressive discovery that night was Insight performed by Martin Gore. I heard the song before but it didn’t attract my attention and I never really listened to it. This time Pete’s melancholic piano solo and Martin’s honey-like voice and the lyrics resonated with my own feelings, which almost made me cry. The famous “You've got to give love” repeated a million times together with the audience almost felt like a mantra…. probably not the worst one for us to repeat every once in a while in this merciless and selfish world. 

Martin is the BEST! Period. 

The new intros to several old songs spiced up the performance. They were only giving you a hint of the songs they introduced, tickled your memory and you almost felt your brain rack when frenetically picking out the melodies and the first lines from the catalogue in your head…. “The handshake seals the contract”… Hurray! 

I don’t want to sound judgmental and I mean it in the best way possible, but I would wish the crowd were more active, lost their cameras and took more part in signing along and dancing. Up till Precious and World In My Eyes it seemed that all the fans were in the back rows and front of stage was occupied with paparazzi. I even felt silly at one point yelling my sore throat out to A Pain That I’m Used To with the audience being so quiet. 

Picture courtesy of Depeche Mode Classic Photos & Videos Facebook Group
Martin’s Home changed the atmosphere. People livened up with this beloved piece and Martin easily engaged them into the classic singalong which was afterwards artistically conducted by Dave. Everything Counts and each song that came after was met with much more enthusiasm and appreciation. Never Let Me Down Again has long been unimaginable without thousands of people waving hands – we were more than happy to hold to the tradition. 

By the encore time the warmed up crowd was cheering and asking for more. That was probably the most energetic part of the night: I Want You Now, Walking in My Shoes, A Question Of Time ended in a blink on an eye and you found yourself in the middle of Personal Jesus feeling sad and helpless as this was actually the last minutes of bliss. 


I didn’t think it was possible but somehow these guys make their songs so much enjoyable when played live. I loved to watch them interact on stage: winking and nodding and pointing and ear-whispering gives you the impression something else is going on out there. Dave’s energy throughout the show was stunning -  where he gets the drive to keep going at that pace for 2 hours every other day is a mystery for me. With all his smiling and talking to the crowd and dancing in every possible part of the stage he makes the show very special. 

That was a great night and it kept me frozen in that after-show God-it-was-gorgeous and can’t-believe-it’s-over state for several days. The only thing I regret is that it took me so long to find my way into their music and that I missed so many gigs I could have attended. But at least this one will stay life-time experience. Hopefully it will not be the last! 

With all my love, thank you for making that night so magical!


Thank you Nastia.

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