Wednesday 27 August 2014


Casual Sex return on 6 October with a new double A side 7" released on We Can Still Picnic Records.  One of the two tracks, A Perfect Storm, is being previewed on and you can hear it by clicking right here CLICK . For the sake of completeness, the other A side is Pissing Neon.

The song is propelled along on an instantly memorable post punk/early New Order riff and features the band's trademark louche vocals and a killer melody. It's really, really worth hearing. The overall sound is more confident than last year's fantastic Bastard Beat e.p. which, let's face it, was a pretty confident sounding gem of a record as it was. 

The band are headlining a show at the CCA in Glasgow on 6 October to celebrate the release of the single. Try and get along if you can.

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