Tuesday 16 June 2015


Fiona Soe Paing featured as one of my New Bands of 2015 a while ago, a feature that was borne of my failure to pick up on her superb work earlier than this year. Rather superbly, Fiona has now signed to Hotgem Music home of Machines In Heaven and one of the coolest labels you're going to find. Her single, Heartbeat is released on 19 June ahead of her new album and it's a wonderful, wonderful thing. 

Let's not forget that Fiona's work has been complimented by none other than Mr Vince Clarke, a man who any reader of this blog will know is someone that I consider to be one of the most important electronic musicians there has ever been. When Vince says you should listen, you really should and Heartbeat is a track that you really must listen to. Fiona specialises in experimental electronic music that never fails to draw you in and Heartbeat combines a hypnotic feel with powerful vocals that builds upon her earlier works and adds new layers and depths to them. It's mighty stuff and is hard to put down even after repeated listens, even if that phrase doesn't quite work in these digital times. The video (below), as premiered on the 405 this week, is quite mesmerising too, albeit fairly scary but on a good way.

Bring on the album I say. This is electronic music as it should be.

Heartbeat by Fiona Seo Paing is released on Hotgem Music on 19 June. Fiona is performing at the Edinburgh Festival this year as part of Creative Scotland's Made In Scotland showcase

Fiona Seo Paing http://www.fionasoepaing.co.uk
Hotgem Music https://www.facebook.com/hotgemtunes?fref=ts

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