Thursday 12 March 2020


As you surely all know already, Glen Hammarstrom is the mastermind behind Breathing In Fumes, the only Depeche Mode podcast you could possibly require. He is also a Administrator on top notch Depeche fansite Home ( and just an all round good guy.

For today's guest blog, Glen has prepared this exclusive Depeche Mode Violator era audio tribute for your listening pleasure, and below, he explains how it came about. We both hope you enjoy it. Thank you very much Glen.

As I started to put this mix together, I knew it was material every Depeche fan had listened to a thousand times and I was hoping to find an interesting angle for something so familiar. So I went digging and tried to find clips and remixes to make this tribute a mix of both the obscure and the familiar.

It starts with trying to capture the excitement of 1990 and then moves through the years as the mix progresses. While I mixed a few tracks, I don’t really consider this a traditional DJ mix,  just an audio tribute that was built in the same spirit I would put a DJ mix together.

As I listen back to the clips I pulled, I realised this mix has quite an American perspective on it. Being based in The States, I guess that’s to be expected. Also, it might just be a snapshot of how obsessive the fans are here and how the band would go on to explode with the release of Violator. If anything, that might be an interesting listen to for Devotees outside of this market. At least I hope it feels that way.

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